What Is Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is an advanced database system that enables the secure and transparent sharing of data among participants in a business network.

Data is stored in blocks that are connected sequentially in a chain on a blockchain database. 

You can leverage blockchain technology to create an unchangeable ledger for keeping track of orders, payments, accounts, and other transactions. 

Blockchain technology includes safeguards that prevent unauthorized entries into the transaction ledger and ensure a unified view of all transactions. 

Businesses need fast, accurate info. Blockchain provides it: shared, immutable recs accessible only by permission members. 

A blockchain network tracks orders, payments, accounts, and production. All members have a single view of the truth, enabling full visibility of transactions for confidence, efficiency & opportunities. 

There are four distinct types of blockchain networks: public, private, consortium, and hybrid. 

Three of the most widely used Blockchains are Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano.