As Elon Musk Stops Using The Dog Logo For Twitter, The Price Of Dogecoin Begins To Drop.

Dogecoin Tweeter

Dogecoin prices started dropping as Elon Musk stopped using the Doge logo for Twitter. On Monday, April 3rd, Dogecoin (DOGE) saw a sudden surge in its value after Elon Musk’s Twitter platform changed its bluebird logo to the Dogecoin mascot. This caused Dogecoin to reach a peak of $0.10, however, the value of the meme … Read more

Dogecoin jumped over 30% after Musk’s tweet. – Is it possible to make a profit with Dogecoin this time?


Recently, a tweet from billionaire Elon Musk caused a stir in the crypto market. On Monday, he posted a photo that resulted in an increase in the price of Dogecoin. Dogecoin saw its price increase by over 30% after Elon Musk’s tweet. On Monday, the meme coin traded as high as $0.10. With no signs … Read more

Dogecoin Surges Over 20% After Twitter Agrees To $44 Billion Takeover By Elon Musk

Twitter Elon Musk Deal

Dogecoin surged more than 20% after Twitter’s board agreed to sell the social media company to multibillionaire, Elon Musk. The price of Dogecoin jumped from $0.12 to $0.16 a few hours after Tesla’s CEO was announced to be the owner of Twitter. Dogecoin was up over 27% and the coin’s last up was 19.9%. Dogecoin … Read more