What is Pavia Metaverse? | The first-ever Cardano virtual world

What is Pavia Metaverse

Pavia – Cardano network’s first metaverse project. Cardano fans are very excited about this project.

Things are coming true that humans could hardly have imagined – Metaverse – Everything that you used to do by going outside your home, you will do it sitting at your home in the virtual world in coming years. 

The metaverse called Pavia is being talked about a lot right now. In this article, you will learn everything that you should know about the Pavia metaverse.



Before knowing about Pavia, let’s know about the Metaverse, let’s know what this concept is: 

The term “Metaverse” comes from the 1992 science fiction novel “Snow Crash“, which is written by an American author named Neal Stephenson. 

Neal Stephenson envisioned the virtual reality world by using the word “Metaverse” in his novel.

The Metaverse is considered an evolution of the Internet. The concept is of a 3D virtual world in which people can meet, play and work.


Users will enter the metaverse as an avatar, able to spend money, communicate, attend concerts and office meetings, etc.

People will buy land for their work and various things inside the metaverse. It sounds strange now but this is what will happen in the future. 

There has been a lot of buzz about the Metaverse after the tech giant renamed itself from “Facebook” to “Meta” and went from a social media company to a Metaverse company.

What is Pavia Metaverse?

Pavia is a Metaverse gaming application based on Cardano. The first Metaverse project on the blockchain owned by Pavia Corp. 

According to Pavia, users can create, explore and trade in the Pavia virtual world.

Pavia has partnered with readyplayer.me to allow users to design their Avatars to enter the Metaverse, which will also be compatible with over 700 apps and games outside the Pavia world.

The Metaverse project is named “Pavia”, the birthplace of Italian mathematician Gerolamo Cardano, the Cardano blockchain was named after him.


The project is being developed with a proof-of-stake method since September 2021.

The project has issued 100,000 “land parcels,” each land parcel being minted as a uniquely numbered Cardano NFT (CNFT) based on coordinates. More than 60% of the Pavia land parcels were pre-sold in October and November 2021.

The network’s official website mentions that there are over 8,300 landowners, however, they can’t yet visit or deploy any content on their land parcel. 

The network team is working hard to deliver the in-game Pavia experience to the landowners of the Metaverse.


Like other Metaverse projects, Pavia also has an in-game currency known as PAVIA that will be used within the Pavia Metaverse.

The Pavia coin is very important to the Pavia metaverse. 25% of the total supply of PAVIA coins was airdropped to Pavia NFT landholders in December 2021.

It suggested to the landowners who have received PAVIA coins to hold the coins until the platform goes live. There are chances that PAVIA coin holders will have early access to purchase more in-world digital items at lower prices.


The PAVIA token is currently only traded on select decentralized exchanges.

According to MuesliSwap (an exchange where PAVIA is listed), the current circulating supply of PAVIA is 500,000,000 coins and the total supply is 2,000,000,000 coins.

Who is Behind PAVIA?

The team behind Pavia Corp as mentioned on the official site:

  • Morgan – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Paul – Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Cardano Buzz – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Lee – Community Manager 
  • Ryan – Unity Developer/3D Artist
  • Jamie – Unity Developer/3D Artist
  • Matt C – Cloud Engineer
  • Steve K – Backend Development Lead
  • Steve B – Platform Lead
  • Chris – Platform Developer
  • Phil – FED/Cartographer
  • A-Dawg – Web Developer
  • Annie – Biz Dev
  • James – Head of Finance
  • Stephen S – Design and UI
  • Ryan – Blockchain Advisor
  • Lewis – 3D Artist and Animation

Can you make money in Pavia Metaverse?

Yes, you can make money in Pavia Metaverse. Let’s say you have a land parcel in the Pavia metaverse, just like in the real world we rent our property and make money from it, the same thing you can do with your land in the Pavia world.

You can earn tokens for renting your land to another player in Pavia Metaverse. There will be many more opportunities to earn money in Metaverse.

Where to Buy Pavia Land Parcel?

Pavia Land Parcles

You can buy Pavia land parcels from the Marketplace; CNFT, Tokhun, JPG Store.

CNFT is the first marketplace for Cardano NFT and is known as the best place to buy Pavia land parcels.


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