Noones – Revolutionary app for the financial freedom of the Global South

Noones App

Noones will revolutionize financial freedom in the Global South by providing individuals with the necessary tools to take control of their economic destiny. This app is designed to address numerous economic issues and empower people to create a brighter future through financial independence. Its powerful features will enable users to make progress toward achieving this goal.

Noone intends to use messaging as a platform for peer-to-peer trading in the Global South, to give users access to Bitcoin and its associated benefits.

A group of Bitcoin entrepreneurs has announced the launch of App Noone, a messaging app focused on financial communication. The team behind Noone hopes to provide financial freedom to people in the Global South through the app.

Noones will be a messenger app that will allow for peer-to-peer transactions with a Bitcoin wallet operating at cost. Additionally, the app will also include a peer-to-peer marketplace. Although the app is not yet fully launched, the private beta version is now available. Additionally, in the upcoming weeks, the app will feature instant swaps and Lightning support.

Nicholas Gregory, the CEO of CommerceBlock, and Yusuf Nessary, the founder of Paxful and the Built With Bitcoin Foundation, are the brains behind the Noones app. The founders believe that “peer-to-peer is the world’s only true free market.” The press release states that the majority of peer-to-peer trades within the industry will take place in the messaging app. With it, users can buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin, Tether (USDT), and USD Coin (USDC) in a peer-to-peer marketplace.

The app is a revolutionary force, with a mission to end economic apartheid and unleash the true power of the Global South, using Bitcoin as its weapon. “Our goal is to solve financial discrimination,” said Yusuf Nessary, a founding team member and Head of Research and Business Development. “Billions of people in the Global South are denied access to the global stage due to international monetary controls, but Bitcoin offers an inclusive solution that can empower them and give them a fighting chance.”

The messenger app will feature an escrow-protected trade option, with a local moderator to resolve any potential disputes. This provides an extra security measure compared to regular communication platforms. Additionally, the app strives to add value and generate revenue through monetizing chat.


Noones is an app that aims to unify the Global South through communications, payments, and a secure store of value. Its founders believe that Bitcoin adoption in the region has created the opportunity to establish a new financial standard, where people can access the world’s financial system and money can be exchanged through peer-to-peer transactions without the control of a central authority. According to Yusuf Nessary, “It’s game over on monetary control. It’s time to push forward a new financial standard.”

Noones is not available in the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. Consequently, users in these countries are unable to use any of Noones’ services.

You may be curious about how to download Noones App. The app is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

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