All About Metacade ($MCADE): What Is It & How To Buy It

Metacade MCADE

Web3 is revolutionizing the world’s internet experience. A crypto project, Metacade, is set to revolutionize the gaming experience. Metacade aims to revolutionize how we operate and own traditional gaming hubs, creating a community unlike any other.

In this article, we’ll explain everything about Metacade, what $MCADE is, how to buy it, and where to buy it. So, if you’re looking to get involved in the exciting world of cryptocurrency gaming, read on to learn more about Metacade.

What is Metacade ($MCADE)?

Metacade is a platform where gamers and crypto enthusiasts can interact and work together to create a vibrant Web3 community.

Metacade aims to provide a fun and engaging virtual environment for people to come together and enjoy GameFi, as well as explore Web3 culture.

Metacade is a platform that allows you to play games, earn rewards, and increase your chances of winning big prizes. According to Metacade, It’s not just a place to play, it’s a place to network with like-minded gamers and create a community. You will find many ways to connect with other gamers.

On Metacade, you can connect with other gamers, developers, and entrepreneurs who have the same interests, skills, and ideas and who share a common goal.

By using the platform, you can view the most popular games, view leaderboards, write reviews, try out the newest GameFi alpha version, and chat with other users – all while earning $MCADE tokens for your contributions to the community.


Metacade is putting the power of game funding into the hands of gamers. By holding the native token $MCADE, holders will be able to vote on which games submitted by developers will receive funding through the Metagrants scheme.

You can understand the mission of Metacade from their statement, “Web3 technology is revolutionizing how the world functions, and Metacade will revolutionize how a traditional community gaming hub is operated and owned.”

What is $MCADE?

$MCADE is the native token of the Metacade community. It is an ERC20 token that will be used for staking, rewarding users, and for transactions on the Metacade ecosystem.

There is a fixed supply of $MCADE tokens of 2 billion tokens, out of which 1.4 billion tokens (70%) are made available for the presale event.

After the presale, the tokens will be allocated as follows: 10% (200 million) for development, 5% (100 million) for liquidity provision for decentralized exchange listings, 12.5% (250 million) for marketing and listings on centralized exchanges, and 2.5% (50 million) for the competition pool.

Metacade Safety

Metacade is dedicated to delivering the highest levels of safety and transparency to the Web3 space. To meet these standards, they have submitted Metacade – its specification, smart contract, and team – for a CertiK audit. This audit verifies the security of the $MCADE token and its holders, as well as evaluates the code, roadmap, and other fundamentals of Metacade to ensure that they meet the highest standards of the Web3 space.

CertiK is a leader in blockchain security and transparency. Their experienced engineering team applied cutting-edge auditing techniques and mathematics to Metacade, to identify code errors and potential risks. CertiK also performed a full KYC check and interviewed all senior team members, in order to ensure the project is secure and functioned as intended.


Furthermore, Metacade says they use Multi-Signature Wallets for more security. With Multi-Signature Wallets, two or more private key signatures are required to send transactions, which helps protect the treasury function. This extra layer of security provides additional assurance that all assets are secure.

Team Behind Metacade

Russell Bennett is the CEO of Metacade. He has extensive experience in business consulting, asset management, technology, and blockchain, with over 22 years of experience in these fields.

Andriy Halushka, a Ukrainian youth, is the Lead Developer of Metacade.

James Theophane, the co-founder of Theo+Theo, is the Creative Director of the Metacade project. He is a highly respected Creative Director, with one of his works ranked in the top 7 most awarded ideas in the world.

Sayan Banik is the Social Media Manager of Metacade, Tony Walkin is the Head of Data, and Tyler Lange is the Lead Product Designer.

In addition to their team, Metacade has enlisted five TikTok influencers as their ambassadors: vivaciouspear, ryanstoker, xenossll, gaimster1clips, and beckyjoo.

Get Metacade ($MCADE)

Where To Buy $MCADE?

As of now, the cryptocurrency token $MCADE is not available on a number of crypto exchanges. It can currently only be purchased on Uniswap.


$MCADE will be listed on the crypto exchanges Bitmart and MEXC GLOBAL in the near future.

How To Buy $MCADE on UniSwap?

1. Go to the UniSwap official website and click on “Launch App” which will bring you to

2. Click on “Connect Wallet” to connect your wallet to UniSwap

3. Select your wallet and connect it with UniSwap (MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, etc.)

4. After connecting your wallet, you should be able to see your balance and wallet address at the top of the page

5. Copy the $MCADE’s contract address from the official site

6. Search for $MCADE with the contract address UniSwap website


7. Enter the amount of $MCADE you want to buy. (You can trade with $MCADE with ETH)

8. Choose the amount of purchase, and click on “Swap” to complete the transaction.

How Do I Claim $MCADE?

Link your crypto wallet through Metacade to view the amount of $MCADE you can claim. The following wallets are compatible: Metamask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase, Walletconnect, and Rainbow Wallet.

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