Where & How To Buy Lumerin (LMR) [Step-by-step Guide]

Lumerin (LMR)

Nowadays, a lot of cryptocurrencies are coming out with good goals and missions. They are trying to do something big and solve some of the problems faced by the people. One such network named Lumerin (LMR) is in discussion a lot. This network wants to do something big. 

The Lumerin network aims to make crypto miners more profitable and happy. Many people are interested in buying its token LMR after knowing about this network.

LMR is not available on various cryptocurrency exchanges, hence some people are finding the process of buying LMR tokens difficult. 

If you are interested in buying LMR but a little confused about buying it then this article might be perfect for you. This article is a complete guide on where and how to buy Lumerin (LMR).

What To Expect From This Article?

First, we have explained what is Lumerin, for those who are not aware of it. Then showed where and how you can buy Lumerin (LMR) step-by-step process with appropriate screenshots.

We have shown the process of buying LMR of 3 different crypto exchanges; Gate.io, Huobi Global, and KuCoin.

After reading this article, there will be no need for you to read another article on buying LMR.


What Is Lumerin (LMR)? 

By using the power of smart contracts, the Lumerin protocol decentralizes the routing layer and makes Web3 and peer-to-peer communications truly peer-to-peer and fully programmable. 

You must have heard that Bitcoin uses Proof-of-Work (PoW) to process transactions. One has to solve a mathematical puzzle to validate a transaction on the blockchain, this is called a proof-of-work.

Crypto miners solve this mathematical puzzle by generating hashpower with their computer or mining equipment to validate transactions. For doing so, they get a reward in return.

Hashpower has become a commodity now, it can be bought and sold. Titan, the network behind Lumerin, introduces a new protocol for provable hashpower. 

Lumerin is a new blockchain platform for buying, selling, and distributing hashpower on a global scale. Lumerin allows users to transfer ownership of the hashrate and control it like any other commodity.

It is the first peer-to-peer hashpower marketplace for crypto miners. Lumerin Markets can increase the profits of crypto miners.

LMR is the token of the Lumerin Marketplace. This will be a transactional token of the Lumerin Marketplace. The LMR will be used to buy and sell hashpower on the Marketplace. Also, gas and transaction fees can be paid in LMR tokens on the protocol.


At the time of writing, the price of LMR is $0.22 and the token is ranked 2910 by CoinMarketCap.

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Where To Buy Lumerin (LMR)?

Lumerin (LMR) is not available on many crypto exchanges like other popular cryptocurrencies. LMR is available on very few crypto exchanges.

Buying LMR is a little complicated as you cannot buy it from well-known crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase.

LMR is only available on 5 crypto exchanges; Gate.io, KuCoin, Bybit, Huobi Global, and Bitrue. The coin may become available on more crypto exchanges in the future.

LMR also cannot be purchased directly with Fiat currency. To buy LMR coin you first have to buy USDT.

How To Buy Lumerin (LMR)?


Gate.io ranks among the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Gate.io has more cryptocurrencies than any other, the exchange has over 12,000 crypto coins.


Here are the steps to buy Lumerin (LMR) on Gate.io:

Step 1: Create an account on Gate.io. 

  • Click on Sign Up on Gate.io.
gate.io sign up

Step 2: Get Verified on Gate.io.

  • Click on the Profile icon > KYC & Security.
Gate.io KYC
  • Click on Verify Now.
Gate.io Verify

Step 3: Buy USDT on Gate.io.

  • Click on Buy Crypto then buy USDT.
Gate.io Buy Crypto
Gate.io Buy Crypto

Step 4: Buy Lumerin (LMR).

  • Click Trade > Spot Trading.
Gate.io Trade
  • Search For LMR and Buy LMR with USDT coins.
Gate.io LMR

Huobi Global

Huobi Global was started in 2013. The crypto exchange is available in over 130 countries and has over 400 cryptocurrencies.

Here are the steps to buy Lumerin (LMR) on Huobi Global:


Step 1: Create an account on Houbi Global. 

  • Click on Sign Up on the Houbi Global Website. 
Houbi Global Sign Up

Step 2: Get Verified On Houbi Global. 

  • Click on Profile icon > Identification.
Houbi Global KYC
  • Click on Verify & Complete your verification on Houbi Global. 
Houbi Global Verify

Step 3: Buy USDT on Houbi Global. 

  • Click on Buy Crypto. Here you can Buy USDT coins using your credit/debit card or deposited funds. 
Houbi Global Buy Crypto
Houbi Global Buy Crypto

Step 4: Buy Lumerin (LMR).

  • Click on Stop Trading.
Houbi Global Trade
  • Search For LMR and Buy LMR using USDT. 
Houbi Global LMR


KuCoin is one of the top 10 crypto exchanges. The exchange supports over 45 fiat currencies and has over 600 cryptocurrencies listed.

Step 1: Create an Account on KuCoin.

  • Click on Sign Up on the KuCoin website. 
KuCoin Sign Up

Step 2: Get Verified On KuCoin. 

  • Click on Profile Icon > KYC Verification. 
KuCoin KYC
  • Click on Start Verification. 
KuCoin Start Verification

Step 3: Buy USDT. 

  • Click on BUY Crypto. There are multiple options on KuCoin from which you can buy USDT.
KuCoin Buy Crypto
KuCoin Buy Crypto

Step 4: Buy Lumerin (LMR).

  • Click on Trade > Stop Trading.
KuCoin Trade
  • Search For LMR and Buy LMR coin with USDT. 
KuCoin LMR


You now know how to buy Lumerin (LMR) from 3 different crypto exchanges. We have tried to explain this process as simply as possible. Hope this article has helped you.

Thank you for reading this article.