Michael Chobanian tweet for Beanstalk – $182M stolen From Beanstalk farm

Beanstalk Hacked

Beanstalk, an Ethereum-based credit-focused stablecoin protocol, was exploited on April 17th. 

Hackers have stolen over $180 million in various crypto assets from a Beanstalk farm. 

The exploiter used a large amount of Beanstalk’s native token, took out a flash loan, passed a fake governance proposal, and moved all the funds of protocol to a private Ethereum wallet. 

Beanstalk Farms is in big trouble since the money was stolen.

According to a tweet by blockchain security firm PeckShield, the hacker had donated 250k USDC coins to Ukraine Crypto Donation.  

A tweet by Michael Chobanian, founder of the Ukrainian crypto exchange Kuna Exchange and president of the Blockchain Association of Ukraine, has brought a sigh of relief to Beanstalk.

Michael Chobanian said that they received 250k USDC from the stolen fund of Beanstalk in one of his recent tweets. 


The founder of Kuna Exchange said that they will return the donation that they received from stolen funds to the Beanstalk Farm. 

Beanstalk Farm now offered a deal to the hackers, asking hackers to return 90% funds and they can keep 10% as a whitehat bounty.