Ben McKenzie’s book “Easy Money” on crypto fraud

Actor Ben McKenzie, who has experience as a journalist, is releasing his book about the biggest crypto fraud in history.

His book, titled EASY MONEY – Cryptocurrency, Casino Capitalism, and the Golden Age of Fraud, explores the financial and moral consequences of cryptocurrency and casino capitalism.

Ben McKenzie’s book Easy Money will be released on July 18, 2023, and is now available for pre-order.

Ben McKenzie co-authored a book with journalist Jacob Silverman, who is the author of “In Your Absence” and “Terms of Service: Social Media and the Price of Constant Connection”.

On 11 April, Ben McKenzie tweeted about the launch of his book:

This book will contain interviews with prominent figures.


About Book on Pre-Order site:

From a famous actor and an experienced journalist, a wildly entertaining debunking of cryptocurrency, one of the greatest frauds in history and on course for a spectacular crash

At the height of the pandemic, TV star Ben McKenzie (The O.C., Gotham) was the perfect mark for cryptocurrency: a dad stuck at home with some cash in his pocket, worried about his family, armed with only the vague notion that people were making heaps of money on something he—despite a degree in economics—didn’t entirely understand. Lured in by the promise of taking power from banks, possibly improving democracy, and sure, a touch of FOMO, McKenzie dove deep into blockchain, Bitcoin, and the various other coins and exchanges on which they are traded.

But after scratching the surface, he had to ask, “Am I crazy, or is this all a total scam?” In Easy Money, McKenzie enlists the help of journalist Jacob Silverman for a caper and exposé that points in shock to the climactic final days of cryptocurrency now upon us. Weaving together stories of average traders and victims, colorful crypto “visionaries,” Hollywood’s biggest true believers, anti-crypto whistleblowers, and government agents searching for solutions at the precipice of a major crash, Easy Money is an on-the-ground look at a perfect storm of 2008 Housing Bubble–level irresponsibility and criminal fraud potentially ten times more devastating than Bernie Madoff.